A Voice Told Her We Were Coming

When you pray for God to go before you and prepare the hearts of those who will hear the Gospel, be prepared for God to answer in unexpected ways.

“One day we went to a brickyard to visit the laborers and tell them the story of Jesus. While sharing, I noticed an older lady crying and wiping her face (or sweating, it was so hot).
After we shared the gospel, most of the group raised their hand indicating that they wanted to follow Jesus! I asked if anyone had any questions and this lady immediately raised her hand and started talking to our translator.

After talking for a few minutes, our translator told us her story:

‘This woman has lost everything and had no hope. She lost her husband, her son is a drunkard, and she came to this village to work because she had nothing else. A day ago she heard a Voice tell her that someone was going to come to bless her and give her hope. The Voice was so audible she even turned to her daughter and told her what she heard. Now today, you have come to give her hope and have blessed her. She is crying tears of joy because of the new hope she has and how you have blessed her!’   -Alli, February 2023

This was the first International trip of 2023. During this partnership, 15 team members partnered with 30 pastors. During the week of evangelistic visits, 3,203 people heard the Gospel, and 1,223 people made professions of faith!

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