Bringing More than Food and Clothes

Armenian Bibles

“While serving in Armenia I partnered with a pastor named *Cid, who had a passion for visiting house churches for evangelistic and social purposes.

On a visit with one of Cid’s pastor friends, I discovered that his church does food and clothing distributions to families in need once a month. Seldom do they give a gospel presentation during these visits, so I showed the pastor my Evangecube and went through the presentation with him. He asked if I would be willing to go visit some of the families they had already helped with the food and clothing distribution and I enthusiastically said yes! The pastors were excited at this opportunity and worked together to set up times to take us to these families.

As a result of the visits with Cid’s friend, we made 6 visits which resulted in 17 professions of faith! Additionally, I was asked to preach during the church’s morning worship that next Sunday, which was right before we were scheduled to leave. During the service, not only were some of those who had been saved earlier in attendance that day, but a local policeman gave his life to Christ! God is good.”

-Ray W.

*name changed for security

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