Demon-Possessed to Spirit-Filled

In a world not controlled by flesh and blood, but bound by spiritual forces, sometimes it’s very clear that evil is present in the world, and in people.

An apparent spiritual attack took place during the recent IC trip in East Africa, in which a girl came screaming and howling on all fours covered from head to toe in mud. Many were frightened by what was transpiring, believing the girl to be demon-possessed. She was bound with ropes in hopes to control her. One of the team members came and talked to her about Jesus, asking her if she’d like to receive His message of salvation, to which she responded, “Yes!”

After this it was reported the girl looked like a different person, totally opposite of what she was before.

Praise the name of Jesus, who holds all authority over demons and the spiritual realm! God, continue delivering those oppressed, set the captives free through Your Son!

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