Door to (Open) Door

Photo: New believers in Jesus!

After the first three doors knocked on said “No, not interested”, the team of North America Project missionaries progressed on down the road to the very last house. When they knocked on the door, a young lady with a baby answered and in the background sat her husband in the living room.

The IC missionaries introduced themselves and explained what they were out knocking on doors for that morning. The young couple asked them in and shared this:

“We were sitting here looking at this children’s Bible that was given to us at our baby’s birth looking for a way not to go to hell.”

The missionaries responded, “That is why we are here! To share with you the Way.” During that visit, the couple prayed and accepted Christ into their lives.

-North America Project participant. Missouri, September 2021.

Praise God for the boldness of believers and power of the Holy Spirit displayed on this North America Project in Missouri. During this project, 933 people heard the gospel and 109 people accepted Christ!