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Our mission is to equip & enable believers to fulfill the Great Commission. And it doesn't have to be scary or complicated! Let us help you learn easy, strategic, and intentional ways to share your faith in our modern world through our free E+E Trainings.

Looking for a way to engage your heart and mind while enjoying your summer vacation?

We have chosen the "BEST OF" E&E Trainings from the past 2 years and are re-releasing them for your enjoyment during whatever road trips, flights, and beach bumming activities you have planned! 

Featured trainings include:

The 5 Fears

How to Share the Gospel with Mormons

Progressive Christianity

+ more

Stay tuned. "BEST OF" E&E Trainings will release every other Thursday in audio and video formats, beginning June 2!


Learn about sharing Jesus with people of other faiths, facing fears, strategic prayer, fundraising for missions, and more! 

Check out the archives and get equipped & enabled today by watching previous E&Es:


Learn the 7 steps of Operation Andrew! 

Developed through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, this "secret" to our global evangelistic reach is intentional, strategic, and effective at home and abroad.


What people are saying about E&E Training:

“Totally-terrific and well worth the hour spent. It’s not complicated, it’s just so easy to forget! I was reminded of so many things I had been taught in the past, but had let lie on fallow ground and weeds overtake them. Thanks for bringing to the forefront of my mind things that should ALWAYS be at the forefront of every Christian’s mind!”

– Larry C.

“I went online today and watched the seminar on The Five Fears. It was excellent training and I look forward to watching the others. I was actually already able to share my 15-second testimony with a 14-year-old that I am mentoring…”

– Coni

“The 15-second testimony is a fantastic idea!”

– Charles H.

“I used the online training for the first time on this [Middle East] project. It was very helpful and I will continue to use the online training resources.”

– Michelle L.



Join us on YouTube Live to hear stories and testimonies of how God is changing lives around the world through the support of IC's partners, chat live with our staff, and learn how you can be involved by giving, praying, and going!
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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Spring iCelebration

YouTube Live 


Who is International Commission?

What do they do?

Why should it matter to me?

IConnect is designed to answer these questions and more in a fun, informative, and powerful 45-minute program. Join us on Zoom and learn our simple (not so secret) secret to how we reach millions for Christ around the world every year and how you can do it, too!