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N2N Story: Faithful Friendship

“*Azi, an 86 year old sick man, was the landlord of the house that *Nick, our Brother in Christ, rented. Nick wrote Azi’s name on an Operation Andrew card and many started praying to God, asking Him to open a door for Nick to share the Gospel because it is hard for someone his age to hear about Christ. Nick used to visit Azi every now and then to ask if he needed anything. Azi would always thank him and said that was the first time a renter ever came and asked about him.

One day, Azi asked Nick to take him to the doctor with his car. While driving, Nick took the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. Azi refused and didn’t accept this conversation, but Nick was faithful and kept the relationship with him.

Later, Nick invited Azi for dinner and shared the Gospel, but once again, he refused. But Nick never gave up and kept praying for him.

Azi one day was about to die, so they brought the doctors to his home and they said that there’s nothing they can do. Nick and his wife went to his home and asked him if he wanted to pray the salvation prayer. Finally, he accepted!  Afterward, he felt peace and joy that he’d never experienced before. After a few hours, Azi passed away. Nick was astonished because instead of feeling sad, he felt happy and full of joy because this old man was now with the Lord. This testimony was very encouraging to Nick and for the Operation Andrew ministry.”

-National-to-National Project in Algeria, December 2021
*Names changed for security

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