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N2N Story: From Brokenness to Restoration

Obuwa village in Nambia (representative photo)

One Opuwa lady from Namibia gave her life to the Lord after she lived in deep denial and hopelessness for many months. She had visited her mother who was not well and looked after her for 2 months. In the process, back in her own home, her husband and 2 of their children were diagnosed with Covid 19. They were taken to a quarantine centre where they all died within a few weeks. She was devastated by her great loss. Shortly after, her sick mother also passed away. Such tragedy was too heavy for her and she was so uncontrollable for a long time, and she lived in this brokenness for almost a year.

God then sent his servants to give her hope and to comfort her. Our team met with her and shared the Gospel with her. Those who stayed with her listened to her confess, for the very first time in great detail, how she felt and how deep the brokenness was when she went through that loss. She also narrated how she lived her life resisting the gospel and rejecting God, and she said this to our team:

“I was wise in my own eyes. I thought I was my own god. God showed me his love and His grace many times. In some cases through people, and in some cases, it was when I was alone. I did everything to resist His invitation and took pride in myself and all that I had. Today I open my heart without any reservation to embrace Jesus whom I have denied for years and years in the past. Today I have found my hope and I am convinced that Jesus is the healer of my brokenness.”

With earnest cries and shaking voice, she said all this and received Christ as her Lord and Savior. She pledged to share Jesus with many people who are lost and who are hopeless.

Praise the Holy Spirit, who reveals to us our brokenness and leads us from darkness into the marvelous light! We rejoice with this new sister, who has been restored and brought into fellowship with the Messiah, Jesus Christ!

Pray that she might continue steadfast in the Word and in obedience and that through her, many might come to faith in Jesus by her message.

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