Do you want to share the gospel internationally on a short-term mission trip with long-term impact?

For over almost 50 years, International Commission has partnered with local churches to equip and enable believers worldwide to reach unbelievers and make disciples. Every evangelism project we conduct ensures that those with whom you share Christ will be connected with believers in their area who will continue the long-term work of discipleship and evangelism after your team comes home. 


Would you like to share the gospel in your community in North America but are not sure where to begin? Not only does IC offer evangelism training and materials to churches, but IC is also taking its wealth of experience with international evangelism projects and developing similar projects with churches across North America. Let us help you reach your community and other communities around North America for Christ. If your church would like to host a project, contact NAProjects@ic-world.org. 

MO Salvation 1

Read how 950 people heard the gospel and 108 accepted Christ during our project in Missouri!