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Gone Fishing (for men)

“Team members Brooke, Lyndsey, and I were walking in the neighborhood by First Baptist Church of Destin when we happened upon Jeff getting into his car to go to a party. We had met him the day before while he was running with his dog and had invited him to a special service at church. He was appreciative and said he has been looking for a new church because he is going through a divorce.

This time, Jeff greeted us, asked if we wanted some water, and invited us into his house. He told us more about his life — about his painful divorce and losing his grandmother recently — and said he’s trying to “get on track with God; listening to positivity podcasts, meditating, and getting that positive aura from the universe.” Brooke shared the gospel with Jeff through her testimony and a presentation of the 3 Circles. When she asked where he thinks he is (whether he’s in brokenness or in a restored relationship with God through Jesus),

he pointed to the circle of brokenness and declared himself ‘a hot mess express.’

Praying with Jeff

We asked if he’d like to accept Christ right then and there, and he was ready and excited to do so. Brooke led Jeff in prayer, and then he immediately exclaimed that even though his family is broken, he knows we are all new brothers and sisters in Christ!”

-Bucky Elliott, Destin, FL project participant

During this North America Project, 202 heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, 6 placed their trust in Him for salvation, and 57 people were trained!

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