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N2N Story: Proclaiming Good News to the Poor and Liberty to the Captives

Pastor Tsogoo was once himself a prisoner and heard and accepted Jesus while in prison. He is now passionately sharing the gospel and leading other pastors on the N2N projects in Mongolia.

“Our Lord commanded us to go to the nations. We went to the poorest of the poor in our nation; those suffering in prison, living at the trash dump, and staying in the detention center. Nobody is willing to reach them other than their families. As Christians, we want reach them with God’s love.”

Mongolian believers from 11 different churches recently shared Jesus with 650 people near the capital city of Ulaanbaatar during an N2N evangelism project. These 27 participants were able to take gifts and preach the gospel at a high-security prison and a detention center, where 240 people accepted Christ! They also took food to people living at a garbage dump on the outskirts of the city and led 120 to Christ!

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