How Hope Brought a Smile

On the first day of the project, I walked past a gated yard and saw a young man looking as lost and sad as a human being could look. After urging the pastor to allow us to speak to him, I said hello and asked if he knew Jesus. With a confused look, he answered “yes”. He then started telling the pastor he needed to “confess” to someone. So, we sat down and listened to this man’s story.

He was addicted to drugs and cigarettes, had lost his family, and was unable to keep a job. He had no hope that his life would change. Turns out, he knew about Jesus but did not understand what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus. We talked for a while before I began to share the gospel and what the power of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life meant. Moments later, he prayed to receive Christ and for the first time he smiled!

— Nancy G., Zimbabwe 2021

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