Blog: International Travel: What to Expect

Peru Team
Peru Team 2019 (Photo by Carolyn Dudley)

So you’re about to travel overseas? If this is a new experience for you, prepare for adventure! Let’s talk about some essential must-knows.

Water. The H2O you drink in the USA will not be the same as the country you’re headed for, as much of the filtration systems and water purity differs. Drinking the water from other countries could result in sickness, so make sure you drink bottled water that has not been opened previously. This brings us also to the food! I sure hope you’re not picky because you may encounter some very new and very odd foods. Be open to trying new things. Be respectful if you’re in someone’s home and they offer you food. It can be considered disrespectful and offensive not taking food offered to you.

Traveling on a team can be tricky and challenging, so as you are going with a group, remember to be patient, loving, and mindful of others with you, as unity is easy to lose but vital to have. Help those who’ve never traveled before when entering customs: what to say, where to go. If you’re the newbie, don’t be afraid to ask someone on your team for help. Airline workers are also there to help you. As you ask for help, be respectful. Many people come to airline workers frustrated and impatient, but you are there to imitate Christ, so show love and courtesy to those from whom you need help.

As you enter a new place with new people and a new language, remember that you’re not in America anymore. If you’re in a country with religious restrictions, it would probably be unwise to tell everybody you encounter why you’re there, as this could hinder your entering into the country and put in danger the believers in-country. Be wise and cautious, asking the Holy Spirit continuously for guidance.

International travel is fun and exciting, so enjoy your time! Interact with the locals, learn the culture. Embrace the differences you see, and praise the Lord for those beautiful differences in culture, as it’s a blessing to escape from American culture every now and then.

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