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N2N Story: Lost to Leading Others

Baptizing new believers during an N2N project in the Middle East

“There are thought to be around 1 milliion Druze people in the world today, whose secretive religion was developed in 986 AD as a movement within Islam. While the spiritual elements of their religion are highly guarded and known only to the elders, the known practices are made up of various religions which include Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism.”


Women within the Druze religion can and do become elders and highly esteemed. One of these women, Sister Sherine*, was an elder in the Druze community. She believed in Christ and decided that, as she was a servant in the Druze religion, she will become a servant to the Lord Jesus Christ. And, as someone told her about Jesus, she wanted to tell other people about Him. A believer met with her and shared the Operation Andrew model used by International Commission. She loved the vision and she started writing down the names of people and began praying for them.

One day she was present in a house and she shared her belief with a Druze young person. He was surprised that she used to be an elder in the Druze community and is now a servant of Jesus. He was touched by her testimony with Christ. She prayed a lot for this young man. One day, he called her and told her that he decided to give his life to Jesus. After that, he told her that he wanted to tell his dad, who is also an elder in the Druze community, about Christ.

We started praying for his dad. We met him, and after few visits, we shared the Gospel. One day he cried like a baby and gave his life to Jesus. He then decided not to remove his elder Druze uniform because he wants to share the Gospel with his tribe so that they can experience the same thing he did.

Pray for great boldness and courage from the Holy Spirit for these new brothers and sisters coming out of spiritual darkness. Also, click this link to learn more about the Druze religion and how you can be in prayer for them.

*name changed for security


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