N2N Story: Forbidden Bibles

The Gospel will reach every tribe, tongue, and nation. Even in the areas dominated by Islamic beliefs and deep spiritual darkness, the Gospel will be proclaimed!

Throughout the month of December, evangelistic work was being done in the Middle East to present the Good News of the Gospel to people, while also providing for basic food and clothing needs.

While offering food to those in need, believers shared the Gospel, and some accepted the message but struggled with the fears of abandoning Islam. Everything regarding Jesus Christ was unacceptable. Sadly, Bibles and other Christian material couldn’t be given, since that could send believers to jail, it being illegal to do so.

Earnestly pray that Bibles and other Christian material can be given to the new believers and those searching for truth because we know the Lord can provide!

In this N2N project, 101 people heard the Gospel, and 21 people made professions of faith in Jesus!

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