N2N Story: Forgiven for Life

While I was working in Russia to provide for my family, I heard that my uncle left Islam and became a Christian. For me and many of my siblings, that was a real act of raw disrespect and very shameful to our religion and the reputation of our family. I was very angry at my uncle. I remembered him when he was a member of the Communist party and could easily drink alcohol but now, he was a Believer. When I returned home (to Tajikistan) from Russia, I noticed some changes in his lifestyle but did not pay much attention to this.

However, once I attend a wedding that my uncle was at as well. I got drunk and started to argue with him because of his Christian faith. I yelled and attacked him and even bit him!  Many of my friends were happy to watch me “disciplining” my unfaithful uncle and gave me their praises. But the following night, after that accident, I had a dream. In my dream, I saw myself being burned in fire and my uncle was saving me. In the morning, with great fear, I came to my uncle and asked him to forgive me. He told me it is okay because he was praying for me and already forgave me. During the [N2N project] I heard about Christ and received Him as my Lord and Savior!

-Anonymous for security

During this N2N project in June, 5 churches participated820 people heard the gospel173 people made professions of faith, and 12 people rededicated their lives to Christ! 

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