N2N Story: He Will Be With Her Always

A local Romanian pastor had been sharing his testimony during a church service, when he noticed a teenage girl running out of the service in tears. When he finished, he went out to talk and pray with her. She was there with a friend and explained that her parents worked abroad and felt the pangs of loneliness overwhelming her. The pastor shared the hope we can have in Jesus, and that if she follows Him, He will be with her always. Both of the young girls prayed with him and received the gospel message!

Jesus brings hope to the hopeless, and God is Father to the fatherless. Our only hope is in Christ alone. May the hope of the Gospel move swiftly through Romania and beyond.

During this N2N project with 9 participating churches, 1100 people heard the Gospel, 116 made professions of faith, 52 rededicated their lives to Christ, 21 followed Jesus obediently in baptism, and 2 new churches have been planted!

God, continue Your work in Romania!

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