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N2N Story: Hungering for Hope

“Brother K and I went to visit some families in a small town. They are living in poverty and their life’s conditions are very tough. We brought with us some food packages and gave them to the people we met. We noticed that all people there wanted to hear something from us. I believe their hearts were craving for hope.

That day we met many people and some of them immediately prayed to God for forgiveness, willing to start a new life with Him. And because there were so many people who opened their hearts for Jesus, we had to start a new house church plant in this town. One lady from this group started to attend our church meeting regularly and attended all the new members’ classes. So, it was a great joy for us to baptize her. Natalie became for us the visible demonstration of God’s power and the obvious spiritual fruit of our partnership with International Commission. All glory to Him!”

During this N2N project in a Central Asian country, 6 believers shared Jesus with 982 people and 104 placed their trust in Christ! 3 of the new Christians were baptized during the week.

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