N2N Story: Out of Darkness

A woman with a bad reputation in a small Kenyan village was approached by local believers during an N2N.

Being a witch doctor in the village, many people lived in fear of this woman, as witch doctors’ livelihoods depend on the manipulation of spiritual forces. Despite the fear instilled in many from this woman, she welcomed the believers into her home.

The team of believers shared with her the goodness of Jesus and how He can transform our lives for good. Convicted of her sins in hearing this, the witch doctor prayed and gave her life to Jesus, confessing Him as the Son of God and her Savior and Lord!

She was overcome with happiness and joined the other church members to hear the word of the Lord in the evening fellowship.

Only the Lord can draw the darkest of people out of their blindness and into His light. Now this woman, who was lost and broken, is now changed and set free!

Number of churches involved: 6
Number of people who heard the Gospel: 600
Professions of faith: 204
Baptisms: 40

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