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N2N Story: Robber Redeemed

3,336 people heard the good news of Jesus and 1,879 prayed for salvation when 133 Christians from 6 churches conducted an evangelism project in the DRC. This was the first time some of these church members had led someone to Christ, and they were so happy to know they can be effective in winning souls for the Kingdom!  

Here are two stories from this N2N project:
“As brother K went back to collect reports, he had an opportunity to baptize four people who were not baptized with the first group of 79. It was amazing that our God can use anyone to  win somebody to Jesus as long as that person is ready to be used by God.”  

“Ezekiel has been a robber for 32 years and many people hate him. During the project, he passed near an open-air fellowship and a preacher preached on God’s judgment for sinners. Ezekiel was touched by the spirit of God and he came to the preachers and said he wanted to give his life to Jesus. He prayed the sinner’s prayer and he also said he wanted to be baptized — he was baptized. Praise the Lord He is still at work with His people!”

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