N2N Story: The Miracle of Silence

Coming across the home of a Gypsy family, one of the missionaries shared this story of the Holy Spirit’s intervention.

“People of this nation have specific traditions and mindsets… usually they make a lot of noise during conversations and seem not to be very careful when somebody is talking. So, we prayed before going there. When we arrived, we could confirm what the brother said earlier… When I started to share the story of Jesus… all the family members become very silent and paid their utmost attention to what I was showing and telling. Even sometimes when small children made any noise, their parents immediately whispered at them, demanding them to calm down and be silent.
When I finished my Gospel presentation and asked if anyone wants to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, two men indicated their desire to do so. They asked me several questions and later they prayed the prayer of repentance of their sins and asked Lord Jesus to forgive their sins and become their Lord and Savior! We left that house with great joy! Nothing could stop the advance of the Good News. God had a special plan for how to keep people’s attention. We bring glory to God for His help and provision.”

Praise God for working in simple yet miraculous ways so that His Truth is proclaimed and received!

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