N2N Story: Was Sick, Now Saved

In the country where Voodoo was birthed comes the salvation of many. Those stuck in darkness have now been brought into the light of Jesus. The west coast African country of Benin held an N2N project last year with a total of 22 participating churches! The project lasted over a period of 3 months with faithful prayer and many gospel seeds sown. Out of the 2,326 people that heard the gospel message, 268 made a profession of faith and saw 116 baptisms.

“During the preparation…leaders who were attending have been so interested in that process of evangelism…Immediately when they got back home, they gathered their church members and shared the vision with them.”

Among those who made professions of faith in Jesus was a man named *Joseph, who had a son that was ill. Many of the believers participating in the project tried to share the gospel with him, but he kept saying he was busy. Son still sick, he brought his son to the priest of idols for healing. Things had worsened. A relative had brought him to a cultish religious sect to offer sacrifices – still no improvement. Finally, he was instructed to go to a local pastor, where he heard the gospel and his whole family decided to follow Jesus. His son is now completely healed.

*name changed for safety

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