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N2N Story: When Closure Creates Openness – Ukraine

Mauripol Map

This March, 12 missionaries from 7 churches in Ukraine returned to the town of Mariupol to share the gospel during a National-to-National (N2N) Project.

Our local leader Georgy reports that due to the closure of many manufacturing plants, “people were left without work. Many simply exist on the brink of survival with no hope for the future for themselves or their younger generation. The financial and political environment is completely hopeless for the people living there. In the past year, all of the above has contributed to the openness of people to the preaching of the gospel. After our return home [from the previous project], we received a call from the local minister and he invited us to come again as soon as possible.”

Food Distribution

“Upon our arrival, we were greeted with great love and gladness. The local church had done the good preparation for the Project with a lot of fasting, prayer, and motivation. Local believers wanted our maximum involvement in their church’s ministry, including visiting various associations of people with disabilities. It was our pleasure to work with these local Christians, who had the clear vision and knew what they wanted to do for the Lord. We were accommodated in the dormitory of Christ The Savior Baptist Church. Each morning we began with prayer, breakfast, and prearranged assignments for visitations. And also, before leaving the church, we collected grocery bags of about 40 pieces. The money for the packages was allocated to us by International Commission, as well as from other sources. Despite the quarantine restrictions, the doors for communication of Gospel message were open everywhere.”

Sharing the Gospel

During this week, 1,703 heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, 396 placed their trust in Him for salvation, and 1 new church was planted.