N2N Testimony Togo: New Churches Planted!

The Lord has heard and responded to the faithful prayers of His people in Togo during their recent evangelism outreach project, using what is called Operation Andrew. Covid-19 had shut down homes for a while in Togo, and thus halted the home visits. Recently they were reintroduced to encourage the local believers to reach out to their lost family, friends, and neighbors.

A pastor gave a testimony that the use of the Operation Andrew cards were very effective and through prayer and sharing the Gospel, two new churches have been planted!

For those who don’t know, Operation Andrew is based on the passage in John 1:40-42 when Andrew comes to his brother Simon Peter, proclaiming that they’d found the Messiah and brought Peter to Jesus. Andrew went to someone he knew, and that’s what we are supposed to do, too!

Making an Operation Andrew list is easy. Think through and write down 10 names of people who are close to you but far from God and then commit to praying for them every day. You’ll be amazed how the Lord works through faithful prayer!

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