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N2N Story – One Cared Enough to Share

“During the pandemic, I lost my mother and was disappointed in everything. One day I was sitting on a bus and was brought to tears. A young man I didn’t know, seeing my tears, sat down next to me and started asking questions. Suddenly, he began telling me about himself and how he had also lost his sister. After riding on the bus together for a while, he said he would pray for me. He asked where I was going and if we could meet again for tea.

At our second meeting, he began to communicate with me about God. It was surprising to me that he did not use the word “Allah,” but always spoke “Khudo” (in Persian means “God”). I asked why he cared for me so much. He said that once upon a time, one person also took such care of him and told him a story he didn’t like at the beginning, but later he agreed!

I became interested in what this story was. It turned out to be about the life of Jesus Christ. Of course, I didn’t really want to hear either, but I thought this man was good, so I decided to listen. After meeting several more times — Shukri Khudo (“Thank God”) — now I am a Christian! Thank God for the people who share the Gospel!”

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