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N2N Story: Revival in Romania

New believers come forward to pray during a church service.

“I met during the Crusade many people who were afraid of tomorrow, insecure and with troubled hearts, due to the pandemic. Some were sad because they lost dear people to Covid and some had less hope for the future, because of their economic state. The food brought and my words were used by the Holy Spirit to bring decisions of faith and renewal in those hearts. Their trust in Jesus gave them not only a terrestrial hope, but a Heavenly hope. In Rastolt, for example, I visited a family who showed me pictures and told me that they are praying for their two granddaughters for 4 years now, and they hoped that God will work in their life, because they would be in the village that Saturday. Well, Saturday night at the church meeting (where more than a half of those attending were non-believers), when I called for repentance, many came in front, including those two girls. My joy was maximum, seeing the tears in the eyes of that old couple who prayed for them. This crusade showed me once again how big is the desire in the lost souls to have the assurance of Heaven. We must bring Jesus closer to those who are far from Him and His church. “
– Florin B.

“A few months ago I was so discouraged in my ministry in Sanmihai because of these many waves of the pandemic and I thought nothing can be done: no more evangelism, no more good fellowship, no more prayer gatherings, no more meals together. But God surprised me with the IC crusade organized by brother Doru. The idea to bring some food when we visit homes and share Jesus was the best tool to get close to those in need and share Jesus as the Way to Heaven. I’ve seen many families who were blessed to trust Jesus and change their despair into hope and start a new way of living. This week was like the revival we were praying for from many months. Old and young gypsies turned their lives to Christ and I have to start now discipleship training, baptizing and teaching them how to live with Jesus and follow His model, to be prepared for eternity. Their testimony in the church and in the locality will work in the life of their relatives and neighbors, I’m pretty sure. Thank you for the encouragement I receive during this week. God bless you all!”
– Marius M.

During this N2N project in northern Romania, 1,080 people heard the good news of Jesus and 317 trusted Him for salvation!

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