Blog: Prayer, Evangelism, Discipleship – Are They Separate?

by brookethorman,

Filipino church members pray for lost friends in preparation for an evangelism project in their community. Prayer, evangelism, and discipleship – the heartbeat of International Commission. These three very biblical principles are evident in the life of Jesus and in His followers, and as His…

Blog: The Definition of Evangelism

by brookethorman,

What is evangelism? Erick Lopez shares the good news of Jesus during a home visit in Costa Rica Oxford Languages defines evangelism as the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness. In scripture, evangelism is not an occasional decision of sharing,…

N2N Story: Hungering for Hope

by buckyelliot,

"Brother K and I went to visit some families in a small town. They are living in poverty and their life’s conditions are very tough. We brought with us some food packages and gave them to the people we met. We noticed that all people…

N2N Story: Robber Redeemed

by buckyelliot,

3,336 people heard the good news of Jesus and 1,879 prayed for salvation when 133 Christians from 6 churches conducted an evangelism project in the DRC. This was the first time some of these church members had led someone to Christ, and they were so…

Gone Fishing (for men)

by buckyelliot,

"Team members Brooke, Lyndsey, and I were walking in the neighborhood by First Baptist Church of Destin when we happened upon Jeff getting into his car to go to a party. We had met him the day before while he was running with his dog and…

N2N Story: When Closure Creates Openness – Ukraine

by buckyelliot,

This March, 12 missionaries from 7 churches in Ukraine returned to the town of Mariupol to share the gospel during a National-to-National (N2N) Project. Our local leader Georgy reports that due to the closure of many manufacturing plants, "people were left without work. Many simply…