Story: Making What’s Broken Whole

On a recent international project to Mongolia, one participant shares a testimony of how the Lord uses brokenness to draw, not only us, but others to Christ as well. 

“On our first day of visitation, I was informed that we were going to the house of a drunkard and his family. My family also has alcoholism in its past, so I instantly felt compassion for the entire family. When we arrived we were greeted with kind hospitality. The father of the household came and sat across the room from me and my translator. He was big and burly, but quiet. I got the feeling that his relatives who brought me to his home had prayed and tried to witness to him before, but to no success. He softened a little as I spoke about coming all the way from the US with an important message. He listened to the entire gospel presentation without interrupting. When I paused and asked if he thought he was a sinner, there was a brief pause and he nodded his head. When I asked him if he wanted to pray and ask God to forgive him through faith in Jesus Christ and receive new life, there was a short pause and then another head nod! He and his wife both accepted Christ that day. I know even though I didn’t see any changes that day – these two are children of God and God can make all things new!”

During this project to Mongolia in July, 4,823 people heard the gospel and 1,677 made professions of faith!

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