Story: Revelation Through Dreams and Visions

In August, an international project participant, Brooke, saw God answer specific prayers during her trip to Jordan which resulted in many coming to Christ.

“Before going to Jordan, I prayed some specific prayers to the Lord. Two of those prayers were that He would bring people to us who had an unquenchable curiosity for who Jesus is and the other would be that He give people dreams and visions that point to Jesus as Savior and Lord.

A Muslim woman, Eleanor*, sat down with us at the church. She came for free clothing and medical care. We told her that we came to help them with physical needs, but more importantly spiritual needs. When we told her we were followers of Jesus, she responded, “I have always been curious about Jesus.” As we shared the Gospel, she received it and made a profession of faith, believing Jesus is the only way to God. Praise the Lord for answering prayers!

Another house we visited was a poor home. A mother and her 4 sons lived there. Only two were present and listening. They heard the Gospel and believed and trusted in Jesus for salvation. As we were leaving, she said she had a dream as a little girl about Jesus, and now she knows Him! I almost cried, thanking her for telling us, since I had prayed that God would give people dreams about Jesus. One of my teammates told me he encountered 4 different people from Muslim backgrounds that had dreams about Jesus.”

During this project to Jordan in August, 368 people hard the gospel39 people made professions of faith, and 9 people rededicated their lives to Christ!

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