Story: You Never Know Who is Watching

“I was at the market sharing the Gospel message with the vendors. I was not aware of anyone listening, watching, or observing my conversations. I walked around the entire market and met the rest of the team. While talking to the team a Navajo woman approached me. She said she had heard me speaking to a vendor about Jesus and had sought out to find me. You never know who is watching and listening! She wanted to know if I was a believer. I told her yes, I believe that Jesus came into this world to live a perfect/sinless life, died on the cross in my place, and rose on the third day, and HE is ALIVE at the right hand of God. I then asked if she believed and she said yes.

She proceeded to ask me some difficult questions about the beginning, like how could satan tempt Eve when the garden [of Eden] was perfect. I proceeded to answer and it helped with her doubts. The best part was when the conversation had ended and I talked to another team member who overheard the conversation. The team member said that my answer helped her as well. I do not remember a thing I said, but this is a perfect example of when we are yielded HE will answer!”

Praise God that 171 people heard the gospel on this North American partnership to Farmington, NM in September!

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