N2N Story: The Gospel Will Prevail

In beautiful Croatia are breathtaking landscapes with communities of Boyash peoples, an ethnic Romanian people. During this N2N project, the missionaries desired to reach these Boyash people residing in Croatia, and through them reach the native Croatians.
These communities live impoverished, with dirty and hungry children, parents who smoke all day and spend much of their time drinking alcohol.

However, many of these lost souls listened intently as the Gospel was shared with them, and with many tears, received the message of Jesus.

During a visit, a certain child insisted that the missionaries visit his parents. Upon entering the house, the family welcomed the missionaries kindly. The Gospel was shared, and the family exclaimed they wanted to receive Jesus. As they were praying to the Lord, the enemy brought distraction through the one of the children getting hurt. The prayer had to stop in order to help the child, but they resumed, and the family received the Gospel message.

The enemy will always try to thwart the plans of the Lord, but the truth of the Gospel will prevail!

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