Story: What is Impossible for God?

A family that was visited during the project had a partially deaf mother and a deaf and mute daughter. IC participant Ernie recalls thinking this would be difficult. The translator for the team learned the mother could read and write, so she began writing and sharing the gospel with this mother and daughter on a notebook. Ernie then began to find verses in a parallel Bible and would show the verses in Spanish for the mother to read.
The mother would indicate she understood, and so they continued this process of sharing the gospel.
She surrendered to Jesus and her daughter had also understood and prayed to the Lord for forgiveness of her sins!
Ernie rejoices that

In hindsight, it seems it really wasn’t so difficult. What was an obstacle for us was simply an opportunity for God to show His greatness…we weren’t prepared for this encounter, but it seems to me that God had it all planned out.

During this international project to Panama in March, a total of 1,723 people made a profession of faith!

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