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Story: What’s a Bible?

This was my first mission trip, and it was my first time to go door-to-door to ask people if they knew Jesus Christ as their Savior. I wasn’t sure I could do it. I was very uncertain about what I would say, and if I were prepared enough to talk to people and share the gospel.

At the first house when it was my turn to talk, a beautiful nine-year-old girl answered the door. She said that her granny was in her office in a meeting so she could not come to the door. I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to share the gospel with her since her granny was not with her and Stephen Jumper and I were strangers at their front door. So I told her that we had a Bible to give them along with some other information. She then asked me, “What’s a Bible?”

That’s when the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart that I needed to share the gospel with truth and confidence because this community needed to know about Jesus Christ. I was never afraid or uncertain after this visit. I then realized it was such a privilege to be able to do so!

by Shirley Jensen

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